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Artículos e investigaciones

A continuación, diversos artículos e investigaciones relacionados a la importancia de generar culturas organizacionales orientadas al bienestar y felicidad del equipo.

La auto educación es parte importante de nuestro desarrollo personal, profesional y empresarial.

World Happiness Report 2020

These Are the World’s Happiest Places

Happiness and Productivity Report 2016 – Andrew J. Oswald, Eugenio Proto, Daniel Sgroi – University of Warwick.

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The Research We’ve Ignored About Happiness at Work

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Workplace Happiness: The High Cost of Unhappy Employees (INFOGRAPHIC)

Why Happy Employees Are 12% More Productive. New research suggests we work more effectively, creatively, and collaboratively when we’re happy at work.

FBI. Improving Motivation and Productivity of Police Officers

Study: Being happy at work really makes you more productive

Examining the Relationship Between Workplace Satisfaction and Productivity

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Academia.Edu. A Study On Job Satisfaction Among Employees Job Satisfaction

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University of Sussex Campus. Institute for Employment Studies. Employee Engagement, a review of current thinking.

NBC News. Research says this is the secret to being happy at work

NBC News. 7 ways millennials are changing the workplace for the better.

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11 government policies that promote happiness at work to give a country a competitive advantage.



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